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Nina Dobrev Stops Fighting Vampires, Starts Fighting Serial Killers

Final GirlsFormer “Vampire Diaries” star Nina Dobrev will be fighting for her life in the upcoming slasher-comedy film “The Final Girls.” The film also stars Taissa Farmiga from “American Horror Story,” Alexander Ludwig from “The Hunger Games,” Thomas Middleditch from “Silicon Valley,” and Adam Devine from “Pitch Perfect.”

The movie follows an unusual plot device in which a group of present-day young people get transported into a cheesy 1980’s slasher flick that starred one of their mothers, an actress who has passed away. The group of young people find themselves trapped inside the movie and have to find ways to survive the experience.

The movie attempts to combine chills, time-travel, special effects and dark humor to create a new kind of horror film experience.

“The Final Girls” will be in theaters in time for Halloween on October 9th. Check out the movie’s official trailer below.

Are you excited to see to see Nina Dobrev’s next project?

(Photo Credit: “The Final Girls” Movie Facebook account)

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