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What A Long, Orange Trip It’s Been: Ed Sheeran Celebrates Six Years Of “Addition”

What A Long, Orange Trip It's Been: Ed Sheeran Celebrates Six Years Of Addition featureEd Sheeran is celebrating the anniversary of of his first full-length studio album release. The singer took to his favorite social media platform, Instagram, to share a pic of the album’s orange cover with his baby face on it. He wrote a short and sweet message to his diehard fans who’ve been listening since “Addition” came out.

“What a journey it’s been since then,” Ed said of the 2011 release. “Thanks for everyone’s who’s been listening to it since 2011 to today.” Ed had been putting out his own music since 2005, but his first full-length release on a major label helped him sky rocket to where he is today.

With plenty of awards, his choice of artists to work with and possibly the most controversial guest starring role on a TV show ever, Ed’s come quite a ways in the last six years. Releasing “Muliply” in 2014 and “Divide” in 2017, Ed’s star has only continued to shine.

Guess that means everyone should be looking out for “Subract” sometime in 2020.

See Ed’s post below.

(Photo credit: Ed Sheeran Instagram account)

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