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Alessia Cara Performs “Here” On “Alan Carr: Chatty Man”

Alessia Cara performs on Chatty ManAlessia Cara was the musical guest on this week’s “Alan Carr: Chatty Man” which also included “Game Of Thrones” actress Maisie Williams.  This was the singer’s first appearance on the show and she performed her breakout hit “Here.”

Watch Alessia’s performance below.

What did you think of her “Chatty Man” debut?

(Photo credit: Alan Carr Chatty Man Twitter account)

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“Game Of Thrones'” Maisie Williams Loves Lying To Journalists And Fans

Maisie Williams on Alan Carr-1Although Maisie Williams’ appearance on “Alan Carr: Chatty Man” aired just last night, it was filmed prior to the most recent episode of “Game of Thrones” coming out.  So when Maisie accidentally revealed the outcome of last season’s cliffhanger with Kit Harrington’s character, John Snow, the audience was speechless.

“Sorry, spoiler,” Maisie said. “The biggest spoiler that I could’ve possibly said.”

Keeping the secret up until that point apparently wasn’t an issue for the actress. While all cast and crew members are required not to discuss the scripts, Maisie said she felt that telling people she couldn’t discuss it was “boring.” So instead she just flat out lied.

“I took it upon myself to lie to absolutely every journalist, every fan, everyone that came up to me,” she told the audience.

She also spoke about what goes into portraying her character. On the show, Maisie’s character Arya Stark is blind and the actress says wearing the contacts can be painful. “I had this other set for when I was fighting so as I wouldn’t injure anyone,” she admitted. “That was like the thinking behind it, but I still definitely clipped Faye around the head and legs multiple times. And myself.”

Maisie and Alan also created their own reaction GIFs to the various storylines on “Game of Thrones.”

Watch Maisie’s interview below.

(Photo credit: YouTube)

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One Direction And Little Mix Perform Their Hits On Alan Carr’s Christmas Special

Little Mix and 1D on Chatty Man Xmas-2British groups One Direction and Little Mix stopped by “Alan Carr: Chatty Man” for a special Christmas performance. The two groups performed their respective hits “Drag Me Down” and  “Black Magic.” Little Mix dressed as sexy Santas for its performance.

Watch the One Direction and Little Mix performances below.

(Photo credit: Chatty Man Twitter account)

Little Mix and 1D on Chatty Man Xmas-1

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“Chatty Man” Alan Carr Is Not A Fan Of Harry Styles’ Man Bun

One Direction On Alan CarrLast night, the members of One Direction stopped by “Alan Carr: Chatty Man.” In the segment, the host expresses his disdain for Harry Styles’ hairstyle.

When Alan asks the group how they go around unnoticed, Liam says that hats can be used to disguise themselves when in public, which is probably hard for Harry because of his hair. That prompts Alan to bring up Harry’s man bun, which he compares to Aunt Bessie, who is the symbol for a British food brand.

Later, the group shares some messages to their fans regarding their upcoming hiatus. Liam Payne says, “we say thank you a lot but I don’t think there is any amount of time you can stop saying thank you…it’s changed our lives so much.” Louis Tomlinson then says for fans to “give it 18 months.”

Watch clips from the episode below.

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