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Alan Carr Cuts Off Little Mix From Drinking On “Chatty Man”

Little Mix on Chatty Man-2Little Mix appeared on Alan Carr’s “Chatty Man” and the host, who usually offers all of his guests a drink, prevented the group members from partaking.

“No, because you can’t be trusted with alcohol,” he says to them. Then adding, “Not after what you did at Simon Cowell’s house.”

The “Love Me Like You” singers then told the story about the time Jade was so drunk at Simon’s house she ended up spitting wine all over Simon and Little Mix’s manager. After Jade’s spit-take, Jesy began laughing so hard she wound wetting herself.

Before hitting the stage to perform “Love Me Like You,” the group battled it out in a Dubsmash competition.

See the full interview and performance below.

What did you think of Jade’s embarrassing story?

(Photo credits: Chattygram Instagram account)

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Justin Bieber Takes Selfies And Runs In Heels On Alan Carr’s “Chatty Man”

Justin Bieber Chatty Man 2Justin Bieber appeared on Alan Carr’s “Chatty Man” talk show last night  Alan wasted a lot of the interview trying to get tips from Justin on taking better selfies, before launching into a number of lame attempts to get Justin to help him break some lame world records while on the show. Justin did eventually take the bait on at least one and tried beating Alan’s time in a sprint across the studio while wearing high heels.

Finally, the show put a merciful end to the attempts to get Justin to look stupid and just let him perform his single “What Do You Mean?”.

You can watch the full interview and Justin’s performance of “What Do You Mean?” below.

So who do you think looked better in heels?

(Photo credit: chattygram Instagram account)

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Selena Gomez Says She Felt Pregnant While Making “Revival”

Selena Gomez on Chatty Man 1While in London, Selena Gomez appeared on Alan Carr’s “Chatty Man” talk show to promote her upcoming album “Revival.” During the interview, the singer admitted that she felt like she was nine months pregnant.

“I didn’t even mean to say that, it was so awkward,” she said. “I worked on this album for over a year and there was so much nonsense happening, publicly. I couldn’t wait for people to hear it. So yes, I did say randomly that I felt like I was nine months pregnant and I just wanted the thing out already.

The singer later performed a live version of  “Good For You”.

Watch the full interview and the performance below.

(Photo Credit: Youtube)

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