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Bella Hadid Is Evil Stepmother Goals

Bella Hadid Is Evil Stepmother Goals featureEven if it’s only to differentiate herself from her sister, Bella Hadid loves playing the fashion world’s dark lady. While blonde Gigi Hadid had a lot of success with her all-American Tommy Hilfiger collection, Bella favored an edgier look as she rolled out a line with Chrome Hearts. Bella’s newest Instagram post is proof that she’s perfect for the part of an evil stepmother.

Bella shared a pic from fashion photographer Alana O’Herlihy. Part “Mommy Dearest” and part “Bates Motel,” the highly stylized shot features Bella in an off-the-shoulder robe holding a big knife up to her face.

It’s not clear whether the pic is for a campaign, a magazine spread or something else. Maybe Bella is developing a Selena Gomez/Petra Collins-style relationship with Alana.

See the new pic of Bella looking like she’s really turned on by the thought of cutting you below.

(Photo credit: Bella Hadid Instagram account)

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