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There’s One Jonas Who Is More Than Ready For The “Camp Rock” Reboot

There's One Jonas Who Is Very Ready For The Camp Rock Reboot featureDemi Lovato isn’t the only one interested in discussing a new “Camp Rock” movie. While Joe Jonas has said he’d be on board for an R-rated version, another Jonas seems ready for a starring role in a more traditional remake. It’s not Nick Jonas or Kevin Jonas–it’s little Alena Jonas, Kevin’s oldest daughter, who was caught on video dancing along to one of Demi’s parts from one of the original movies.

Kevin shared a video of Alena wearing pink pajamas as she grooved along to the music. She’s already made it clear she’s eager for the spotlight, so it looks like she’s studying some of the best artists ever to tour with her uncles.

See video of Alena dancing along to “Camp Rock” below.

(Photo credits: Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas and Nick Jonas Instagram accounts)

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Joe Jonas And Nick Jonas Celebrate Their Niece’s Third Birthday

ALENA JONAS TURNS THREE WITH BIRTHDAY WISHES FROM UNCLES JOE JONAS AND NICK JONAS feature bKevin Jonas’ oldest daughter, Alena Jonas, has been getting a ton of happy birthday messages on social media. That’s because she just turned three and her uncles Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas both made sure to send their love to her via Instagram. Both Joe and Nick shared pics of Alena with sweet captions about their niece’s big day.

In his caption on a photo with Alena, Nick wrote that he wished he could be with her to celebrate. Joe has already been trying his hand out as a fur parent with girlfriend Sophie Turner. But for now, both he and Nick will have to shower all of their love on Alena and Valentina.

See posts from Joe, Nick, Kevin, Alena’s mom Danielle Jonas, and her “Glammy” Denise Jonas below.

(Photo credit: Kevin Jonas Instagram account)

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