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Nick Jonas’ Naked Body Is On Par With The Greek Gods

Nick Jonas' Naked Body Is On Par With The Greek Gods“Kingdom” actor Jonathan Tucker is no stranger to Nick Jonas’ naked body. The singer’s friend and co-star was the one to film Nick’s hilarious shower scene in the first episode of the “Last Year Was Complicated” documentary. Jonathan was asked about what Nick is like in the buff during an upcoming episode of Matt Weiss and Theon Vonn’s podcast, “Allegedly.”

“He’s everything that one could think, could dream of, and so much more,” Jonathan says when asked to describe seeing Nick naked. “He’s built out of Carrara marble. The same sort of aesthetic and dimensions that one would find in ancient Greece.”

Check out the clip of the podcast obtained by TMZ below.

Do you believe the hype?

(Photo credit: meloni_rack Twitter account)

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