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Celebs React To The Death Of Alton Sterling

Celebs react to death of Alton Sterling-4Tuesday in Baton Rouge, 37-year-old man Alton Sterling was shot and killed by police officers. Outrage and local protests quickly surfaced after a video of the incident circulated social media.

Celebrities are among the passionate, enraged voices being heard in reaction to Alton’s death. Alessia Cara, Zendaya, JoJo and more are speaking out, calling for justice and expressing disgust and exhaustion at the regularity of these encounters.

Zendaya also retweeted statements from civil rights activists. One of those messages was penned by Johnetta Elzie, who is best known for her work following the events in Ferguson. “I can’t believe I just watched this video. I can’t believe we’re still watching videos of police just killing our people. #AltonSterling,” the tweet reads.

Read through more celebrity reactions below.

(Photo credits: Alessia Cara Instagram account; Alessia Cara, Zendaya, Camila Cabello, Dinah Jane, JoJo, MichaelSkolnik, Johnetta Elzie, Tyga, Nick Jonas, Becky G, Ashley Tisdale and Keke Palmer Twitter accounts)

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