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Aly and AJ Go Topless to Promote Latest Single “Don’t Go Changing”

Aly and AJ Changing Feature 2One time Christian music and Disney label artists Aly and Aj are clearly showing that they are all grown up now. And for the second single in a row now, they are showing some skin to promote their new music.

This time, the two sisters have gone topless in the promotional materials for the single “Don’t Go Changing.” The sisters also showed a lot of skin in the music video for their last single “Church.”

Below we have Aly and AJ’s new track, as well as a gallery of promotional pics from the two suddenly uninhibited sisters.  Continue Reading →


Aly and AJ Are Two Very Bad Girls in Video for their New Single “Church”

Aly and AJ Feature 2Former Christian music artists Aly and AJ Michalka show a different side of themselves — well, maybe several different sides of themselves — in the nearly NSFW music video for their most recent single “Church.” Aly and AJ play tw0 girls who “do bad things for the sake of good times” — and apparently enjoy laying around without clothes — but who are toying with the notion of maybe seeking a little redemption by going to church.

While the lyrics of the song come off a little on the serious side, the way that Aly and AJ handle the visuals in the video seem to take things in a lighter  direction. One interpretation might be that the “bad girls” in the song’s lyrics still want their “good times” and are not really serious about seeking “redemption.” But another could be  that Aly and AJ are simply poking fun at their previous, squeaky-clean reputations.

Either way, we have the video and a gallery of snaps below.   Continue Reading →


Aly and Aj Offer Up a New Single “Church”

Aly and AJ ChurchAlthough the have slipped from the headlines lately, sisters Aly and AJ Michalka continue producing new music. The duo just released their latest song “Chuch.” It’s a more straightforward pop offering than some of ALy and Aj’s older pop-rock anthems, but it’s got an infectious beat and some pretty interesting lyrics.

You can check out the track below.  Continue Reading →