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The Moral Majority Is Obsessed With Beyoncé

The Moral Majority Can't Keep Beyonces Name Out Of Its Mouth featureFor better or worse, the current election season is one for the history books. Perhaps more telling than Donald Trump’s problematic debate demeanor and the certainty that he will step on a million more logistic landmines is the moral majority’s preoccupation with pop diva Beyoncé.

Thursday, Ann Coulter was burned at the Twitter stake after she called out Michelle Obama for citing Beyoncé as a role model. Earlier in the week, a Trump supporter made headlines for using a Beyoncé lyric to discredit Hillary Clinton. Even controversial conservative commentator Tomi Lahren hopped on the bandwagon by sharing a meme featuring the same logic.

Check out the tweets and video in question.

Do you think of the use of Beyoncé lyrics in the current election makes sense?

(Photo credits: Tomi Lahren and Ann Coulter Twitter accounts; Beyoncé Instagram account)

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