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Liam Payne Has A New Song On The Books

liam payne song writing wonder ascap credit registrationFrom the looks of it, One Direction’s ongoing hiatus might be getting longer. Liam Payne has been listed as a songwriter on a new song registered with ASCAP, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. Registering works with ASCAP gives artists like Liam the legal rights to a song and is a key first step in any production process.

There are no artists or performers listed with the current filing, which leaves the possibility that Liam could be gearing up to put out a debut single. He did a lot of writing for One Direction on multiple albums, but he’s also written for other acts, including his lady friend Cheryl Versing-Fernandez.

Check out the song’s registration below.

Would you support Liam’s solo career?

(Photo credits: Liam Payne Instagram account and ASCAP.com Repertory search)

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