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A Lazy Nick Jonas Skips Leg Day For Latest Magazine Cover Shoot

Is He Skipping Leg Day Nick Jonas Lays Around On The Cover Of At Large Magazine featureNick Jonas is a well known gym rat. It’s even a not-so-inside joke among his family. But Nick’s latest magazine photoshoot is showing off a different side of Nick–a lazier side. The “Find You” singer looks like he can’t find his feet in black and white pics from the publication.

Sitting on the floor, looking moody at the piano, making prayer hands–these are the action shots. In others, Nick is working through some writer’s block on the floor and cozying up for a nap with his coat on the couch.

It’s a cuddly look for the beefy Nick. While he’s set to appear in the upcoming and allegedly action-packed “Jumanji” movie, Nick clearly doesn’t mind a little down time now and then.

Even with a hard body, Nick is still just a big softie.

Check out Nick’s At Large cover and some more of his lazy photos below.

(Photo credit: Nick Jonas Instagram account)