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Kanye West Quietly Admits To Liking Something Other Than Himself

Kanye WestKanye West out-Kanye’d himself after releasing a song called “Famous” which featured lyrics taking credit for Taylor Swift’s career. Just last month, comedians Aziz Ansari and Eric Wareheim made a parody video to go along with Kanye’s song. The rapper liked it so much that he agreed to make it the official video for “Famous.”

It was made official about a week ago, but not many people noticed until Kanye’s rep made a statement. “Eric [Wareheim] uploaded it on his own YouTube channel with the help of JASH, a comedy collective that he helped found, when Kanye agreed to have it be the official music video for the song,” Kanye’s rep told Consequence of Sound.

Watch the video below.

Why do you think Kanye’s music video?

(Photo credit: Kanye Doing Things Instagram account)

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