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Charlie Puth Jams With Babyface As He Preps For Next Album

Charlie Puth Is Jamming With Babyface As He Preps For Next Album featureCharlie Puth is still teasing his new music. After grabbing a pic with Pharrell Williams in the studio and posting a vid with some new sounds, Charlie is giving his fans the best of both worlds by showing off new music with a celebrity guest. On Thursday, Charlie shared a video of himself jamming with Babyface, the writer, producer and singer whose worked with everyone from Al Green to Ariana Grande.

In Charlie’s video, he and Babyface are set up on keys and guitar together. It’s a short clip and Charlie isn’t singing anything. But with Babyface working with him, Charlie can hope for some big hits off his new record. Hopefully.

Check out Charlie’s video below.

Are Charlie’s updates getting you hyped for his next album?

(Photo credit: Charlie Puth Instagram account)

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