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Dating App Helps Stalkers Date Their Favorite Celebrities…Or At Least Their Lookalikes

Now anyone can date Selena GomezThere is now a dating app that will hook regular people up with a celebrity–lookalike. Badoo has launched its new feature that will sort through its 350 million-user database to find the one person that closely resembles a certain famous person.

According to the site, Badoo has 717 ginger-haired white men that are currently using the site if Ed Sheeran is the type of guy you’re looking for. If your taste in men goes more towards someone that is dark, long-haired and Harry Style-esque, then there are 400 men waiting for you. Falling into the more basic category, there are 1, 356 women who resemble Selena Gomez and 1,424 women who look like Lorde.

Although the users have one or two features like their celeb counterparts, they can’t exactly call themselves true doppelgängers.

(Photo credit: Selena Gomez Instagram account)

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