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Justin Bieber Spits Bars On Diplo’s Song That Should’ve Arrived Last Year

Justin Bieber Spits Bars On Diplo's Song That Should've Arrived Last YearLast May, news of an impending collaboration with Justin Bieber, Rich The Kid and Young Thug made its way to the universe. The song, “Bank Roll,” was created at the helm of Diplo and it seemed like it was supposed to arrive in time for the summer.

“We got the biggest song of the summer on the way,” Rich The Kid tweeted out in May of 2016.

A year late and a dollar short, “Bank Roll” has now been released and Justin has dipped his toes in the rap waters. Despite Justin’s exposure on other rap songs, what he brings to the table on “Bank Roll” is throwing Beliebers for a loop.

Diplo caught on to the discomfort and, for reasons unknown, he decided to retweet some savage reactions:

Fans React To Bank Roll 1 Fans React To Bank Roll 2 Fans React To Bank Roll 3 Fans React To Bank Roll 4The song dropped quietly and, outside of Diplo’s odd retweets, it has received little promotion. Perhaps the negative reactions will keep Justin from taking credit for his verses, but the damage is already done.

Listen to “Bank Roll” below and tell us your thoughts.

(Photo credit: jelieber.bizzle Instagram account)

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