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Ed Sheeran Became A Daredevil During His Break From Music

Ed Sheeran was a daredevil during gap yearEd Sheeran released new music on Friday after taking a year-long break that included many adventures. The singer-songwriter stopped by the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show on Thursday and while he didn’t get into details about what really happened the night he was cut with a sword, he did reveal a few of things he did during his time away from the limelight.

“I was in Queenstown and they were like, ‘Should we go on a bungie jump?’ And I said, ‘Ah, yes when in Rome,’ but I’m terrified of heights,” he says. The singer suppressed his fear of heights long enough to jump off the cliff, but that doesn’t mean he liked it. “I did do it, but it was horrible. That was probably the scariest thing I did,” Ed jokes before revealing that he had nightmares for a month after the incident.

Ed may have been afraid to jump off a cliff, but the singer was all for being strapped to the front of a WW1 war plane flown by director Peter Jackson. “He strapped me to the front of one of them and flew me around. Just ‘round the air base,’” Ed adds.

Hear more about Ed’s year off and watch his live performance below.

(Photo credit: BBC Radio1 Instagram account)

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