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Bella Thorne Swaps Valentine’s Day Notes With Her “Girlfriend”

Bella Thorne Swaps Valentine's Day Cuteness With Her Girlfriend featureBella Thorne’s been staying low-key about her love life since things with Charlie Puth crashed and burned. After taking some heat for jumping quickly from Gregg Sulkin to Tyler Posey to Charlie, Bella seems to have taken the start of 2017 to cool off. For Valentine’s Day, it looked like she was going to celebrate Galentine’s Day instead with a sweet tweet to some of her buds.

One of those friends, Bella Pendergast, apparently sent Bella Thorne some flowers for the big day. In the attached note and in Bella Thorne’s tweet about the gift, the Bellas call each other “girlfriend.” Is the word just a platonic nickname for two lady pals? With Bella Thorne, the answer might be more complicated than that.

Bella Pendergast was the girl who Bella Thorne kissed in the pic that led to her coming out as bisexual. So both Bellas could mean “girlfriend” in more than one sense.

See the tweets below.

Do you think Bella and Bella are a couple or just friends?

(Photo credit: Bella Thorne Instagram account)

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Bella Thorne Loses What’s Left Of Her Inhibitions At Private DNCE Show

The Mess Continues: Bella Thorne Speaks Out After Charlie Puth Ends HerBella Thorne traded in her New Year’s Eve kiss and beaches for a scandalous night at a private concert hosted by DNCE and a smooch with friend Bella Pendergast. The Thursday night shenanigans were documented via Snapchat and twerking was definitely included. Bella and her name twin shared a smooch and an impromptu bathroom photo shoot before eventually grinding in between sets. Bella also zoomed in on DNCE’s JinJoo Lee and called her “soooo hot.”

See Bella’s wild Thursday night unfold below.

(Photo credits: Bella Thorne Instagram account; Bella Thorne Snapchat account)

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Bella Thorne Kissed A Girl And Retweeted It

bella thorne kissed a girl and retweeted itBella Thorne retweeted some surprising photos of herself on Monday. The actress, fresh off of her breakup with Gregg Sulkin, shared some shots a fan account tweeted. In the pics, Bella is sharing a tender kiss with a lady friend.

Fans think the girl in the photo is Bella Pendergast, one of Bella’s besties. The original account that posted the photos Bella retweeted seems to want the Bellas to date, and fans are behind the idea. No word on whether or not that’s something Bella Thorne would be into, though.

Check out the retweet below, plus a bonus tweet from Bella Pendergast about Bella Thorne.

Are these gals really more than just pals?

(Photo credit: Bella Thorne Instagram account)

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