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Miley Cyrus And Lauren Jauregui Miss Feeling The Bern

Miley Cyrus And Lauren Jauregui Are Missing The Bern featureMiley Cyrus may say she’s over the 2016 Presidential election, but she’s obviously still feeling a little nostalgia for the campaign. After sharing a Donald Trump meme that left her wrecked, she was a little more constructive in a new Instagram post in which she’s sporting a Bernie Sanders t-shirt. In the caption, Miley made it clear she is still a fan of the Senator from Vermont.

She isn’t alone, either. Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui has been a vocal protestor of President Trump’s policies, but she’s also longing for what could’ve been. She responded to a tweet from Bernie to let him know she’s bummed that he’s not in the White House. Bernie shared a video of himself debating Republican Senator Ted Cruz on the future of Obamacare, and Lauren replied to say she still loves him.

Despite Bernie’s unsuccessful presidential bid, there’s good news for Miley, Lauren and any other despondent Berners. Bernie has been very involved in leading the Democrats’ resistance to President Trump’s plans in the Senate. Alongside other Senators like Elizabeth Warren and Chuck Schumer, Bernie still has a large role to play in American politics.

Check out Miley and Lauren’s messages for Bernie below.

(Photo credits: Miley Cyrus and Lauren Jauregui Instagram accounts)

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Miley Cyrus Faces Backlash For Supporting Hillary Clinton After Feeling The Bern

Miley Cyrus Under Fire For Supporting Hillary Clinton After Feeling The BernMiley Cyrus has been actively campaigning for Hillary Clinton since she was awarded the Democratic nomination for the 2017 presidency. She has even gone dorm-to-dorm as a Hillary advocate, but her loyalties didn’t always lie with the Democratic nominee and many are viciously pointing it out after a recent tweet.

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Miley Cyrus Will Never Walk Another Red Carpet Again

miley cyrus elle cover instagram post featureMiley Cyrus serves as the cover girl for the latest issue of Elle, which happens to be the publication’s “Personal Style Issue.” The singer and actress sat down with the magazine to discuss life in the spotlight and the person she has become as a result. She also shared her advice for her contestants on “The Voice,” explained the reason she’ll never do another red carpet and how she feels about the life and work of pop legend Britney Spears.

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