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Busted! Cole Sprouse’s Not-So-Secret Relationship With “Riverdale” Co-Star Revealed

Busted! Cole Sprouse And Riverdale Co-Star Lili Reinhart's No-So-Secret Relationship Revealed featureCole Sprouse may be proving he has a photographer’s vision, but it appears something else has caught his eye. People Magazine reports that Cole was spotted getting up close and personal with Lili Reinhart, who plays his character’s girlfriend in “Riverdale.” The couple was reportedly “canoodling, holding hands and kissing” on Saturday night at San Diego Comic-Con.

Sources told E! the pair “could not keep their hands off of one another.” Cole and Lili apparently “were very open with their PDA at parties during the event, and close friends did not seem surprised.” Even when she was hanging with the other “Riverdale” women, Lili “always had her eye on where Cole was.”

Eye-witness accounts seem to back up the evidence already apparent in multiple cast interviews from the weekend. The couple was spotted slyly touching hands during one Q&A, and all of their co-stars seemed to notice.

In another interview with Entertainment Weekly, Cole stood directly behind Lili and couldn’t keep his eyes off of her as he nervously played with his hair. Apparently, standing that close without touching was too much to bear as he eventually rested his elbow on her shoulder.

Watch the sparks fly between Cole and Lili in the group interview below.

(Photo credit: Entertainment Weekly YouTube account)

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