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Amazon Airs its Artist Spotlight on Billie Eilish: “A Snippet into Billie’s Mind”

Billie Eilish SnippetBillie Eilish got the Artist Spotlight Stories treatment when Amazon’s Youtube Music division aired “A Snippet Into Billie’s Mind,” the most recent episode of its award-winning documentary series. This episode focuses on Billie’s creative process and explores, in particular, her approach to imagining the visuals in the videos for her songs.

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Tana Mongeau Stans Billie Eilish by Trying to Copy her Fashion Looks for a Week

Tana Mongeau Billie EilishYoutuber Tana Mongeau posted a video which she says is a tribute to how much she “stans” pop singer Billie Eilish. In the video, Tana tries to copy some of Billie’s most recognizable looks by hunting down clothing, kicks and accessories that resemble as closely as possible the fashion items that Billie has made popular on Instagram.

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Billie Eilish Owns the Young Crowd at the BBC ‘Big Weekend Festival’

Billie Eilish Big WeekendSome still scoff at Billie Eilish as an “industry plant” or label-made pop star. However, one fact seems to fly in the face of the criticism — the amount of seemingly organic, young fan response Billie gets on the road wherever she goes.

Case in point: Billie’s set at this weekend’s Big Weekend Festival in Middlesbrough, UK. For Billie’s appearance, the massive, open-air audience area became packed with a crowd mostly made up of young women. And those women Continue Reading →


‘Billboard’ Shares Videos from Billie Eilish’s Cover Shoot and Cover Story Interview

Billie Eilish BillboardBillie Eilish is the cover star for the current issue of Billboard Magazine. As part of its promotion of the issue, Billboard released behind-the-scenes footage of Billies photoshoot. It also released a video showing part of Billie’s interview, in which she answers questions about some of the things she fears most in life, her fans and her 18th birthday.

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Billie Eilish Talks About the Importance of Drawing and Anime to her Music While Sketching a Self-Portrait

Billie Eilish Anime DrawingSinger Billie Eilish is known for the strong connection that her songs have to some bold visual elements. In an interview for Noisey, Billie talks seriously about how important drawing is to her songwriting process. She also shares some thoughts on her multimedia collaborations with Japanese Anime artist Takashi Murakami.

One interesting thing about the interview is that Noisey also asks Billie to sketch a self portrait while discussing the importance of visual elements in her overall creative approach. And the self-portrait that Billie draws during the interview, of course, turns out pretty dark …

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Check out Calvin Klein’s New Coachella Ad … Featuring Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish Calvin KlieinIt does not take global fashion brands long to try to jump on what — or who — is trending. Case in point: Calvin Klein yesterday began airing ads for its Calvin Klein X Coachella campaign starring Billie Eilish.

The ads come just one week after Coachella attendees and music critics raved about Billie’s debut performance at the festival last Saturday. For Billie, it’s one of her first official associations with a big brand campaign.

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