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“Been Struggling a Lot:” Justin Bieber Asks Fans For Prayers Amid Rumors of Treatment for Depression

Justin Bieber DepressionEarlier today, Justin Bieber shared a post asking his fans for prayers. In the post’s black and white picture, Justin is being held up between his longtime manager Scooter Braun on his right and rapper Kanye West on his left.

In the caption to his post, Justin admits that he has, in fact, been recently going through a rough period. “Just wanted to keep you guys updated,” Justin writes. “Been struggling a lot. Just feeling super disconnected and weird.”

Justin then says Continue Reading →

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Billy Baldwin Wishes Niece Hailey Bieber Had “Waited” to Get Married … as Rumors About Justin Bieber’s Mental State Swirl

Billy Baldwin Hailey Bieber Justin BieberHailey Bieber’s uncle, actor Billy Baldwin, was interviewed by US Weekly about his thoughts on the relationship of his niece and her husband, Justin Bieber. Billy, who stars in the Netflix series Northern Rescue, has been close to Hailey throughout her life, and Hailey and Justin are known to have occasionally slipped away for quiet time at one of Billy’s upstate New York homes.

The interview comes as rumors have begun circulating that Justin has consciously stepped back from the spotlight a bit in order to seek treatment for depression and mental health issues, though he has not yet committed himself to full-on rehab.

In the interview, Billy says that he loves Hailey and Justin “as a couple” but now wishes they had waited longer before marrying, indicating that the rush may have taken a toll on the two young celebs by adding a lot of stress. “I would’ve loved to see Continue Reading →

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