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The Jonas Brothers Get Reintroduced to New Yorkers on Funny or Die’s ‘Billy on the Street’

Jonas Brothers Billy on the StreetThe Jonas Brothers got the Billy Eichner treatment on his comedy show — Funny or Die’s Billy on the Street — when the comedian took Joe, Kevin and Nick around the streets of New York announcing the reuniting of the band.

Of course, some New Yorkers seemed to care a lot. On the other hand, many others did not appear to recognize the ex Disney stars at all.

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Lindsay Lohan Reduced To Begging For Work On Twitter

Lindsay Lohan Reduced To Begging For Work On Twitter featureLindsay Lohan takes the term “social networking” very seriously. When she’s not trying to network her way into a meeting with Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin or pleading for a DM from Kendrick Lamar, she’s apparently trying to revitalize her once promising Hollywood career. The singer took to Twitter for the second time in under a week trying to get an in with someone still working.

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