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Disney’s Billy Unger ARRESTED FOR DUI!

billy-ungerbilly-unger-shirtlessFollowing in fellow Disney Channel star Jake T. Austin’s footsteps, ‘Lab Rats’ actor Billy Unger, 18, was arrested for DUI on June 28 on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California around midnight after police stopped him for speeding and erratic driving, reports TMZ.

He blew a .08, barely the legal limit, but there’s a California law for drivers under the age of 21. If they have ANY alcohol in their system it’s considered driving under the influence. Billy was arrested, taken to jail and released.

UPDATE with statement from Billy: light of last Saturday’s occurrence, I wish to let all my fans know how much I value and appreciate their continued support of me at this time. As I move forward responsibly in this matter, I simply ask the public, and more importantly my fans, to reserve judgment and allow the opportunity for me to address this issue properly through the legal system.

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