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Did Demi Lovato Just Confirm That She And Wilmer Valderrama Are Back Together?

Demi Lovato's Birthday Packs One Last Surprise- Wilmer Valderrama featureDemi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama keeping raising the bar for former couples everywhere. The duo, who has already set world’s best ex goals, has been known to still party together from time to time. That means the Jonas Brothers don’t have to pick a side.

None of the Jo Bros made it out to Demi’s “surprise” birthday party over the weekend, but Wilmer did. Demi’s ex-boyfriend was all smiles in videos she shared from the event. Wilmer gave Demi’s camera a big smile after she won a ton of prize tickets during her party at an arcade.

Even when they’re not together, Demi and Wilmer think of each other fondly. Wilmer proved as much earlier in August when he posted a snap from the set of “NCIS” listening to one of Demi’s new songs.

Check out Demi’s and Wilmer’s time together below.

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