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Justin Bieber Reminds Fans Why He Isn’t Taking Photos With Them Anymore

Justin Bieber no fan photosJustin Bieber wants to reinforce his reasoning behind no longer taking pictures with fans. Justin took to Instagram Tuesday morning and used a clip from Bishop T.D. Jakes’ sermon to make his point.

“Everybody wants to take pictures with you and they run up to take the picture with you,” the pastor says about one aspect of fame. “Used to be they wanted to know you. Now they don’t even want to know you, they just want to be seen with you.”

The pastor went on to say that the days fans are happier looking at an image than actually taking the opportunity to get to know the star. “The image is the cheapest part of the person,” he says.

Despite repeatedly breaking his promise, the singer previously announced that he would no longer be taking fan photos because he felt like a “zoo animal.”

Watch Bishop T.D. Jakes’ thoughts on celeb photos below.

(Photo credit: JBCrewdotcom Twitter account)
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