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The Drama Continues: Kylie Jenner Accuses Blac Chyna Of Trashing Her Home

Kylie Jenner Vs. Blac Chyna Continues As Kylie Says Chyna Trashed Her House featureKylie Jenner revealed an unexpected wrinkle in her beef with Blac Chyna on the latest episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” In an episode dealing with that time Chyna briefly left Rob Kardashian after the birth of their child, Kylie revealed that the incident resulted in some property damage to her home.

Rob and Chyna rented a place from Kylie, who apparently left it at least partially furnished. Rob and Chyna weren’t getting along very well, and as the issues worsened, Kylie got a call from Kris Jenner about some potential property damage.

“My mom calls me to keep me kind of informed on what was going on in my home, and apparently Chyna threw something at my television that I left there,” Kylie said. “It’s just a little disrespectful and I wouldn’t do that to someone else’s home.”

“Its really hard to support a relationship that’s really unhealthy,” she added, according to People. “I wish they would both stop this roller coaster ride.”

Kylie wasn’t alone in that sentiment. She joined forces with Kim Kardashian-West, Khloé Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian in order to confront Rob about Chyna and the troubled relationship.

The intervention, which happened on FaceTime, didn’t go super well as the siblings insulted each other. Eventually, Rob and Chyna reconciled, but the entire incident seems to have only added fuel to the fire for Chyna and Kylie’s feud. While Kylie may not be with Chyna’s ex Tyga anymore, that doesn’t mean she’s done dealing with Chyna’s antics.

See video from the episode below.

(Photo credits: Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna Instagram accounts)

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Zendaya and Noah Cyrus Lead The Pack On Orange Carpet At The Kids’ Choice Awards

Zendaya and Noah Cyrus Lead The Pack On Orange Carpet At The Kids' Choice Awards featureNickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards went down like a bucket of slime on Saturday night. Stars hit the orange carpet, some taking the opportunity to dress down but others wearing looks that would’ve been at home on any red carpet, as well.

Zendaya turned some serious heads in a copper slip dress. The dress is an advanced look that hasn’t come out yet from Zendaya’s clothing line. Given the way it fits, no one can blame Zendaya for wanting to take it for a test spin. It was a notable example of how to wear an orange shade without looking like a traffic cone.

Noah Cyrus went for a more casual vibe in pink heels, a velvet skirt and a simple white tee with the words “Girl Power” on the front. The look had shades of something Miley Cyrus might wear, with a statement piece and some unusual accessories. But it was a little more understated that most of Miley’s looks.

Other stars like Dove Cameron, Miranda Cosgrove and Bea Miller wore flashier casual looks.

See pics from the orange carpet below.


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Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna Will Be Living Under Kylie Jenner’s Roof

Kylie Jenner Is Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna's LandlordTo make an already confusing family tree more complex, Kylie Jenner has reportedly rented out one of her empty homes to brother Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna, mother to her niece as well as Tyga’s son. TMZ claims that the new parents moved into Kylie’s former Hidden Hills, California home earlier this week to be closer to Rob’s family and, more logically, to have a larger living space.

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Kylie Jenner Babysits King Cairo As Blac Chyna Gives Birth

Kylie Jenner babysits King CairoKylie Jenner was on babysitting duty for Tyga’s son King Cairo as his baby’s mother Blac Chyna gave birth to a daughter with Rob Kardashian. Kylie has been spending a lot of time with King these past few days and has been featuring the four year old in her Snapchats as well as taking him along as she runs a few errands.

Tyga didn’t seem to be keeping his girlfriend and son company as they played around with the Snapchat filters and ate a snack on Thursday, but Kylie still managed to keep King entertained while still doing what she loves best: Taking selfies.

Check out videos of Kylie and King’s quality time below.

(Photo credit: UpdateJenner Twitter account)

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Is Kylie Jenner Ready To Be More Than A Sugar Mama For Tyga?

kylie jenner king cairo tyga blac chyna snapchat selfie featureKylie Jenner is driven. The social media maven and cosmetics entrepreneur has proven she’s willing to go to work when it comes to her modeling career or her makeup line. But there’s more to life than work. While Kylie has proven she can be quite the sugar mama for Tyga, could she be something more maternal for her rapper boyfriend’s son?

In a new selfie shared via her Snapchat, Kylie spent some quality time with Tyga’s son, King Cairo. Wearing an oversized pink t-shirt with her and Tyga’s name on it, Kylie posed with King for a quick pic. While one pic might not be enough to go on, King seems fond of Kylie with his head resting on her hip.

Of course, if Tyga and Kylie get hitched, her relationship with King will be a little more complicated than simply step-mom. King’s mom is Blac Chyna, who’s engaged to Kylie’s half-brother Rob Kardashian. So if Rob and Blac Chyna get married and Kylie and Tyga get married, Kylie would be King’s step-mom and aunt.

In an interview earlier this week, Kylie said that there’s no bad blood between herself and Blac Chyna. Quite the contrary, the two are getting closer now, despite Rob’s recent “miscommunication” about posting Kylie’s phone number on Twitter.

Check out Kylie’s Snap with King below, plus a Snap of her and Tyga together.

(Photo credits: Kylie Jenner and KylizzleSnapchats Instagram accounts)

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