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Rihanna And Zendaya Kick Start February With Their Own Black History Month Tributes

Rihanna And Zendaya Celebrate Black History Month featureRihanna and Zendaya commemorated the first day of Black History Month by taking to Instagram to call awareness to the month-long celebration. Both focused on how politics can be personal when you’re a visible black woman in pop culture.

Rihanna shared an image that reminded her followers that Black History Month isn’t the only time of year to focus on black issues. Regardless of whether or not it’s February, Rihanna’s identity isn’t something she can avoid. But she embraces it because, as she wrote, she’s been “#makinghistorysince1988,” the year she was born.

Zendaya echoed Rihanna’s personal focus as she shared a throwback from February 2015. It was expected from a star who’s remained politically active as of late. From the Muslim Ban to the Women’s March, Zendaya has been outspoken about a lot of issues.

Check out Rihanna and Zendaya’s posts in honor of Black History Month below.

(Photo credits: Rihanna and Zendaya Instagram accounts)

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