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Demi Lovato Tries To Be Sexy In “Body Say” Live Music Video

Demi Lovato releases body say live videoDemi Lovato’s song “Body Say” wasn’t an official single, but the singer did release a concert video for the song on Friday. The live video was taken during one of Demi’s “Honda Civic Tour: Future Now” concerts and features the singer attempting to show her sexy side. But the attempt just comes off as awkward when you remember the age demographic of her audience.

Watch the live video for “Body Say” below.

What do you think of the visual?

(Photo credit: Demi Lovato Instagram account)

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Demi Lovato Releases Sexy New Song In Time For The Summer

Demi-Lovato-Drops-Body-Say-Just-In-Time-For-The-Summer-5-e1467381985818Demi Lovato has officially released her new song “Body Say” in the U.S. after making it available in New Zealand and Australia. Wednesday, fans began circulating what was rumored to be the song’s cover art. She later performed “Body Say” for the first night of the “Future Now Tour” in Atlanta.

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 9.07.24 AM

Listen to the full track below.

What do you think of “Body Say?”

(Photo credits: justcatchmedemi and Demi Lovato Twitter accounts)

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Demi Lovato’s New Track “Body Say” Is Streaming Already

Supposedly, Demi Lovato's New Track Body Say Is Already StreamingRumor has it that Demi Lovato will be releasing a new song called “Body Say” this Friday. If fan accounts and the opening night of “Honda Civic Tour: Future Now” are any indication, then the rumor is likely to hold true.

Demi performed the new song Wednesday night in Atlanta, and fans are passing around what definitely seems to be a snippet of the mastered track. Some also claim that the song is already available on Tidal and Spotify in Australia and New Zealand, using a direct Spotify link as proof.

Check out Demi’s live performance of “Body Say” as well as the rumored snippet below.

What do you think of the new track?

(Photo credit: justcatchmedemi Twitter account)

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