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Demi Lovato Performed Her New Single In A Living Room

Demi Lovato Performs Her New Single In A Living Room featureDemi Lovato is already taking her new single on tour. But before anyone gets excited, it’s not a stadium tour–it’s not even a dive bar tour. Demi is trying her best to keep things intimate as she teams up with radio stations around the country for a series of “Sorry Not Sorry” house parties. She partnered with KISS 108 in Boston for her first stop in a big swanky house.

But Demi wasn’t the only famous face who made it to her big debut. She was joined by New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski as she joined tons of her fans at the event. Teaming up with the local football star was huge for her Boston fans. It also meant Demi got great piggy back rides all night.

Tons of Lovatics were on hand to sing along and dance the night away. A classy meet-and-greet and a DJ helped keep the house thumping until Demi was ready to slow things down.

She did eventually shift into low gear at the event. After her anthemic new single, Demi took a seat on the couch. Someone on an acoustic guitar played along as she performed her old hits like “Get Back” and “Catch Me” while the crowd sang along.

Check out pics and video from the “SNS” House Party below.

(Photo credit: KISS 108 Twitter account)

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