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Joe Jonas Visits iHeartRadio For A Day Or Was It Just The Bow Wow Challenge

Joe Jonas joins the bow wow challenge-4Joe Jonas found himself involved in the latest social media challenge that all started after rapper Bow Wow was caught lying about his lavish lifestyle. On Tuesday, people began posting side-by-side pictures of their fake reality vs. their real life and iHeartRadio decided to join in on the fun.

“Today was @joejonas’ first day at #iHeartRadio, do you think he was nervous,” iHeartRadio captioned the photo of what looked to be Joe behind a computer. But like Selena Gomez said in her best acting role to date, “everything is not what it seems.”

Check out Joe’s Bow Wow challenge photos and the pictures that started it all below.

(Photo credit: Joe Jonas Instagram account)

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