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Bella Thorne Is Allowing Fans To Get Up Close And Personal While She Works

Bella Thorne Invites Fans To The Set Of Her Film In Progress featureBella Thorne loves her fans. She’s very active with them on Twitter, but her latest interaction could be taking her fan friendships into real life. Bella, who is reportedly filming “Break My Heart 1,000 Times” in Winnipeg, Manitoba at present, asked a Twitter user to come visit her on set in a friendly gesture.

Bell wrote “come say hi” to Jessie Wynnyk, a Winnipeg resident who was “sad” because she hadn’t yet seen Bella during filming on her own street. Bella retweeted Jessie’s tweet and invited her to stop by.

See Bella’s message below.

Would you visit Bella on set if she was in your neighborhood?

(Photo credit: Bella Thorne Instagram account)

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