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Nick Carter And The Backstreet Boys Aren’t Impressed By Justin Bieber Or One Direction

Nick Carter And The Backstreet Boys Think Justin Bieber Is Lame, One Direction Is Boring featureThe Backstreet Boys sat down with Elle to discuss its new Vegas residency and shared their thoughts on the new wave of boy bands and young men singing and dancing their ways to the top of the charts. Apparently, Nick Carter thinks Justin Bieber’s bad boy image is bunch of bull.

“I’ll tell you this: There is some shit that AJ and I both did that I’m really glad that social media wasn’t around for,” Nick said. “Because Justin Bieber couldn’t hold a candle to what we did.”

“We would have been like TMZ’s saving grace, bro,” AJ added, “just anything from me being drunk or irate at a club. Or me walking naked down the hallway in a hotel for no apparent reason.” AJ went on to say that the Backstreet Boys didn’t have nearly an easy time as Justin in their rise to fame.

“But, the fame now—it’s like night and day,” he said. “Without social media, without YouTube, without instant access, we had to do everything grassroots. We had to do every interview, every radio show, every outlet. We had to go to every country—that was the only way to do it. There was no Instagram, or posting things on YouTube to get a record deal.”

Backstreet apparently isn’t impressed with Justin’s career or his partying. But he isn’t the only one who has them yawning. The pop icons turned Vegas installations are apparently bored by One Direction, too.

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