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Liam Payne Is Releasing His Next Single The Same Day As Niall Horan’s Album

Collab Or Feud Liam Payne 's Next Single Will Drop The Same Day As Niall Horan's Album featureLiam Payne recently confirmed rumors that his next single will be out in the middle of October. But his release date isn’t exactly original. In a tweet, Liam said that “Bedroom Floor” will drop on October 20–the same day as Niall Horan’s new album, “Flicker.”

While Niall’s sleepy singer-songwriter style and Liam’s sleek R&B vibes don’t seem like they’d compete for much, the double drop of One Direction solo projects could create some friction on iTunes charts or the Billboard Hot 100 if either release picks up steam. The idea that Liam’s release date is intended to steal Niall’s thunder is even stranger because both singers are signed to the same label.


It’s hard to tell what Capital Records is scheming at with the simultaneous releases.

See tweets from Liam and his sister, Ruth Payne, about “Bedroom Floor” and fan reactions below.

(Photo credits: Liam Payne and Niall Horan Instagram accounts)

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