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Halsey Is Angry AF in the Video for her New Girl Power Anthem “Nightmare”

Halsey NightmareHalsey is fed up and fired up in the official music video for her new single “Nightmare.” In the video, Halsey plays a number of female characters in different scenes that show aspects of the conditions that women are still forced to face in 2019. And she’s not staying quiet about any of it.

The video was directed by Ariana Grande’s frequent collaborator Hannah Lux Davis. Joining Halsey for cameos in the video are also Cara Delevingne, Debbie Harry and Suki Waterhouse.

You can watch Halsey’s angry anthem to girl power in the video below.   Continue Reading →

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Cara Delevingne Tried To Impress James Corden and NBA Legend Kobe Bryant with her Tales of High School Sports

Cara Delevingne James CordenActress / model Cara Delevingne made an appearance on The Late, Late Show with James Corden, and shared the couch with NBA legend Kobe Bryant. During her interview, she talked up her various experiences as both a high school athlete — Cara played field hockey — and a spectator professionals sports events. However, Kobe did not seem too impressed.

Later, Cara also joined James and Kobe for a session of The Late, Late Show‘s most disgusting game, “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts,” in which each contestant must either answer an embarrassing question honestly or else eat some truly repulsive food. Quick spoiler: They all like to keep some secrets in this episode …

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Cara Delevingne and Rita Ora Have Joined Forces to Fight Cyber Bullying

Cara Delevingne and Rita OraCara Delevingne and Rita Ora sat down with Glamour UK to discuss their current work on fighting cyber bullying. The two are brand ambassadors for British cosmetics house Rimmel and they want to use their positions to both help bring attention to the problem and build support for victims who face Internet attacks under the campaign hashtag #iwillnotbedeleted

Cara and Rita, who have been friends since they were both very young, say that they actually developed a “sisterhood” over the years giving support and validation to one another in the face of constant media and social media scrutiny. They also talked about cyber bullying from the perspectives of two people who have gone through it and offered some advice for those having to face attacks from often anonymous cyber trolls.

You can listen to what Cara and Rita have to say in the video below.   Continue Reading →


Cara Delevingne Has Raunchy Night Out with Ashley Benson in Vegas

Cara Delevingne Magic MikePhotos and videos posted to social media show Cara Delevingne and rumored romantic partner Ashley Benson having a wild night in Las Vegas while attending the “Magic Mike Live” show at the Hard Rock Hotel, presumably on Friday night. Cara and Ashley both appeared to have enjoyed climbing on stage with the half-naked and raunchy male dance revue performers.

In one sequence, as a male performer appears to lay Ashley down on the stage to dance around her while performing simulated sex acts, Cara looks Continue Reading →


Cara Delevingne is a Desperate, Homeless Drug Addict in New “River Water” Video

Cara Delevingne Homeless 2Cara Delevingne stars in a new Spencer Lee Band video for the single “River Water.” Cara plays a drug addict living a hard life on the streets, desperate for a chance to break out of her circumstances.

The role was meant to bring attention to the problem of homelessness in America. Spencer Lee, himself, was homeless in Los Angeles before he was discovered by mega-agent Scooter Braun. Spencer reminds viewers of this by ending his video with the message, “Her story is my story.”

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