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The Olympic Games Have Left Zac Efron In Tears

The Olympic Games Have Left Zac Efron In Tears featureZac Efron was going for the gold during this year’s Summer Olympics. The actor went all the way to Rio de Janeiro after being invited by the star gymnast Simone Biles. Things got pretty emotional when he met her and the rest of USA’s Final Five. After that and a run-in his long-lost twin, it’s no surprise that Zac had one last cathartic release before the games were over.

Zac took to Twitter to share how Carmelo Anthony was giving him the feels as the basketball star reveled in his last Olympic appearance. After the USA basketball team won gold, Carmelo’s speech about what it meant to him personally made Zac “proud to be an American.”

Check out what else had Zac choked up in his tweets below.

(Photo credit: Zac Efron and ZacEfronDaily Twitter accounts)

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