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After Losing His TV Show, Nick Jonas Is Becoming A Cruise Ship Performer

Nick Jonas Is Taking To The High Seas For A Pair Of Cruise Ship Gigs featureNick Jonas made an announcement hot on the heels of the “Kingdom” series finale. He is moving on if not moving up in the world and playing a pair of cruise ship gigs this year. For $259, you can get trapped on a boat with Nick. The cruises will take him down to The Bahamas this November. He’ll play two shows on two ships once the boats reach Nassau.

He’s not the first pop star to take a cruise ship gig. His old tour partner Demi Lovato spent some time at sea earlier this year. If nothing else, be prepared for Nick to share some shirtless selfies with a cigar and drink in hand just before Thanksgiving.

Check out Nick’s tweet and the cruises he’ll be on below. Get your tickets to cruise with Nick here.

(Photo credit: Nick Jonas Instagram account)

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