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Ed Sheeran Is More Than Demi Lovato’s Love Pillow In Latest “Tonight Show” Appearance

Ed Sheeran Is More Than Demi Lovato's Love Pillow In His Latest Tonight Show Appearance featureEd Sheeran stopped by “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Monday–and did more than serve as a pillow for Demi Lovato’s kissing practice. While Ed was recently on the show as a pillow that Demi used to work on her lip techniques, he appeared in the flesh with his guitar and an entire backing band.

The singer brought “Castle on the Hill,” one of the first singles off his album “Divide,” to the show. While Ed is prone to take the stage solo with a loop pedal, he was joined by a six-piece for the “Tonight Show” gig.

Hopefully, the job paid well. Ed’s had plenty of success with his latest release, but costly legal battles could be hurting his bottom line.

Watch Ed perform “Castle on a Hill” below.

(Photo credit: “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon” YouTube account)

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