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Calvin Harris Brags About Taylor Swift On Instagram

Calvin Harris Instagram Taylor Swift
Well this is a first. One of Taylor Swift’s boyfriends has decided to share a photo of her on his own social media account. Guess that means this relationship is special.  If they breakup, maybe he’ll also be the first to write a song about her, too? No, actually, John Mayer’s already gotten that distinction.

But it’s still way too premature for breakup songs at this stage.  Calvin Harris was at Taylor’s Rhode Island home preparing to celebrate America’s birthday, and felt the need to brag about Taylor’s grilling skills. The Instagrammed pic shows the Bad Blood singer flipping sweet potatoes in front of an ocean backdrop. 

Apparently, Taylor is gearing up for quite the 4th of July weekend. Following the pop diva’s various social posts, one can piece together a guest list that appears to include ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas, Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, Sereyah, and the girls from the band, Haim. 

Of course, not to be outdone on Instagram, Taylor posted her own photo of the couple enjoying the holiday festivities, captioned “Friendly relations between Scotland and America.”

(Photo credits: instagram accounts for Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift)

Calvin Harris Instagram Taylor Swift 2

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