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Nick Jonas Hot Muscles On Goat Set

nick-jonas-goat (4)ahahculpoNick Jonas in a tank top on ‘Goat’ set. Via harrycraves.

Nick told Billbard: What’s your best awards show celebrity encounter? Worst? The best one was probably with Angelina Jolie at the Kids’ Choice Awards. She was so nice and said I did a great job, which made me feel good. And her kid was very sweet.

The worst? There have been times, especially in the early days of [the Jonas Brothers’] career, when people were in their own world. They maybe didn’t know who we were and were wondering why they were sitting by us, and said so out loud.

What’s the most cringe-worthy question you get asked on the red carpet? I always find it funny to be asked, like, ‘Why are you here?’ There’s a better way to say that. Sometimes I’ll just be like, ‘You know what? I don’t know why I’m here. Maybe I should go home.’

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Nick Jonas Meets Sweet Fan, GOAT Set

nick-hug (1)4Via ‏@KatyBowersox: ‘Me with @nickjonas today right after he had just finished filming a few scenes for his movie! <3 #GOATmovie. Kevin Jonas recently revealed he was depressed after the Jonas Brothers broke up.[gallery ids="385282,385283,385284,385285,385286,385287,385288"]


‘I Waited 8 Years To Meet Demi Lovato’

IMG_7159-LFrom Leah: ‘I met Demi Lovato at her concert last Friday, April 24th in Melbourne, it the best day of my life! I also have to add how truly genuine and sweet she really is. I’ve waited 8 years to meet her so I was so nervous, but she made me feel so comfortable! She was more than happy to give me a hug and take our picture!

Have YOU ever met your idol?