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#OhYesNiall: Looks Like Niall Horan Has A New Lady Friend

niall horan new girl friend celine helen vandycke featureIt looked like it might be a slow day in the One Direction fandom as #LarryIsReal re-surfaced as a Twitter trend. Little did One Directioners know that a confirmed relationship for one of their boys would derail their attempts to ship Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles again. Niall Horan was spotted over the weekend with a new girlfriend and pictures of the two have just surfaced.

The new lady friend, identified as Celine Helene Vandycke, is a law student from Belgium. She and Niall visited a festival together over the weekend where they were spotted getting puckered up in between sips of beer. The new pics emerged as the hashtag #OhYesNiall took off.

Check out Niall getting smoochy below.

(Photo credits: NiallHoran Instagram account; NeverSh0utEmma, 1DFanAcc0unt_, ShellyXNiall, 1DWhyYouLyin, IFeltHePayne, OneDirecti0nFans Twitter accounts)

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