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Paris Jackson Goes Topless To Show Off Her New Spiritual Tattoos

Paris Jackson Goes Topless And Gets Tatted For Her Spirituality featureParis Jackson doesn’t like anything to stand between her and the mysterious glory of the universe. That’s how it seems, at least, because she keeps taking her shirt off to have spiritual experiences. But if there’s one thing Paris loves more than beholding the vastness of all existence, it’s tattoos, and she’s found a way to combine going topless, fresh ink and the beauty of the world into one.

Paris has seven new tats down her chest–one for each of the seven chakras. Chakras are seven points on every human body ranging from the tip of the tailbone to the top of the head. Some believe these seven spots are each receptive to different kinds of energy that can influence a person’s life.

Paris offered up a close look at the ink on Instagram and shared an even more revealing angle via her Instagram story. Looks like she’ll be having lots of conversations about chakras any time she takes her shirt off from now on.

Check out pics of Paris’ new ink below.

(Photo credit: Paris Jackson Instagram account)

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