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Harry Styles Exposes His Four Nipples During An In-Depth Interview With Chelsea Handler

Harry Styles talks all about his 4 nipples with Chelsea HandlerHarry Styles was forced to keep it short while being interviewed by Chelsea Handler. The “Dunkirk” star was told to only say one word answers in a series of random questions from the comedienne, who had a party to attend.

There were a few questions that caused the singer to give Chelsea more than one-worded answers like when explaining his four nipples. “Usual and then just little lower,” the singer said as he pointed to where his nipples were on his body. While Chelsea was able to keep a straight face throughout the interview, Harry just couldn’t stop laughing.

Watch the interview below.

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Meghan Trainor Tells Chelsea Handler That Daryl Sabara Is “The One”

Meghan Trainor Tells Chelsea Handler That Daryl Sabara Is The OneMeghan Trainor appeared on Wednesday’s episode of Chelsea Handler’s new Netflix talkshow “Chelsea.” The singer gushed about her recently confirmed relationship with Daryl Sabara as well as her songwriting experience with Harry Styles.

Meghan recently admitted to being introduced to Daryl by Chloë Grace Moretz. The singer tells Chelsea a slightly adjusted story, but still gives Chloë most of the credit. “I’ve asked every person I’ve met since day one, ‘Find me a boyfriend,'” she says. Meghan then says she approached Chloë not long after meeting her and asked, “You know anybody i could date, or love, whatever?”

Regardless, it all worked in Meghan’s favor and she believes that Daryl is her soulmate. “It’s the first time having a boyfriend and being public with it. Not the first time ever, but in the famous life,” she says. “We were dating for like three months and I was like ‘He’s the one’ and I was like ‘I wanna post about it, but I’m terrified they’ll attack you.'” Meghan also reveals that she and Daryl wrote three song while she was on tour and that they often sing Justin Timberlake tracks together.

Check out a clip of Meghan’s interview below and check out the whole thing streaming on Netflix now.

(Photo credit: Youtube)

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