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Did Niall Horan Just Confirm Liam Payne Is Going To Be A Father?

Niall Horan Confirms Liam Payne will be a daddyNiall Horan may have accidentally confirmed the pregnancy reports that neither Liam Payne or Cheryl Versini-Fernandez have yet to announce. The singer spoke with the Daily Star at Larry King’s West London salon opening earlier this week and revealed that he has spoken to the father-to-be.

“Liam hasn’t said he’s nervous but I’m sure he is. I bet he can’t wait as well,” he said about Liam’s pending fatherhood. Then adding, “it is a very exciting thing in your life.”

There have been many photos of Cheryl sporting a very noticeable baby bump, but the couple has yet to confirm that she is expecting her first child. However, if the former “X Factor” judge is in fact carrying Liam’s baby Niall doesn’t seem to have any issues with it. “He’s great and she’s lovely, it will be a lovely child,” the singer said.

(Photo credit: Niall Horan Instagram account)


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