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Ariana Grande Is An Unexpected Guest During Coldplay’s Global Citizen Festival Performance

Ariana Grande And Chris Martin Sing duetDuring Coldplay’s set yesterday at the Global Citizen Festival lead singer Chris Martin brought a special guest on stage.

He explained that, “we could just appear as Coldplay, the famous English band, or we could have a moment in our set where we cross generations with someone much more talented and much more good looking and by association made ourselves look better.” He then went on the say that” after weeks of deliberation” trying to decide “who would be the awesomest person to come and sing with us” they chose Ariana Grande.

Coldplay and Ariana performed an acoustic version of Ariana’s song “Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart”, which was written by One Direction’s Harry Styles. Chris and Ariana admitted that they had only practiced the performance once earlier that same day.

You can watch the performance below.

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