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Chris Rock Under Fire After Taking Shots At Selena Gomez

Chris Rock Shades Selena GomezChris Rock found himself in hot water with Selena Gomez fans after he took to social media and shared a meme that seems to paint Selena as a generic, store brand Beyoncé. The photo in question references Selena’s “Revival World Tour” look and compares it to attending Beyoncé’s concert, had someone purchased the “Formation tickets on Craigslist.”

Fans on both sides of the Selena-Beyoncé spectrum weighed in, and quite a few agreed that the joke was made in bad taste. Some attacked Chris from the angle of a desperate career attempt after “Kevin Hart ruined him.” Others decided to point out that it might be time to step away from the internet and not take jokes so personally.

See the post that started the buzz and a few reactions below.

Do you think the joke was in bad taste?

(Photo credits: Chris Rock and Selena Gomez Instagram accounts; Chris Rock, hadidgomez, iloveselgo, stunningselmg and Meek23127462 Twitter accounts)

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