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Raven-Symoné Says “Some Dumb Sh*t” According To Her Dad

Raven-Symone-Dad-CommentsChristopher Pearman, father and former long-time manager of “The View” cohost Raven-Symoné, had some choice words about his daughter’s recent controversial comments on the show. After she said she wouldn’t hire someone with a ‘unique’ name – suggesting the types of names sometimes given in the African-American community – and also stated that she is personally “very discriminatory” about who she hires, Raven-Symoné’s father posted a formal response on his Facebook page.

In the post, he refers to his daughter as “a grown ass woman making grown ass mistakes,” that she “is responsible for her own words and actions,” and refers to the statement as an “inexcusable gaffe.”

However, he still points out Raven-Symoné’s long career with comparatively little trouble like this, and says that he and her mother love and support her. Although others might add that, even if not of this magnitude or about this exact subject, his daughter has not exactly been a stranger to making controversial statements about race and gender in the past.

Watch her original comments on the show and read her father’s full commentary below.

What do you think about Raven-Symoné’s statements? How about those of her father?

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