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Ariana Grande Reacts To Being Named Manchester’s First Honorary Citizen

Ariana Grande Reacts To Being Named Manchester's First Honorary Citizen featureAriana Grande has reacted to the news that she was made an official citizen of the city of Manchester, England. Plans to honor Ariana were announced last month after she threw a massive benefit concert for the victims of her bombed Manchester show. The city government has now made the move official after putting it to a vote Wednesday.

“It would have been understandable if she had never wanted to see this place again,” said Manchester council leader Sir Richard Leese. “But she determined she would not perform again until she had returned to Manchester.”

Richard commended Ariana not just for putting on the show, but for raising a ton of money for the attack’s victims. Ariana reacted to the news on Instagram and posted a screenshot of Richard’s kind words and reacted in the caption.

“I’m moved and honored,” she wrote. “My heart is very much still there.”

Check out Ariana’s entire reaction to her new honorary citizenship below.

(Photo credit: Ariana Grande Instagram account)

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