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Justin Bieber Kicks It At Copa America With Neymar Jr.

Justin Bieber Kicks It At Copa America With NeymarAnyone watching Brazil vs. Ecuador in Saturday night’s round of the 2016 Copa America could almost predict an appearance by Justin Bieber. Brazilian footballer Neymar Jr. isn’t playing for his national team in this year’s Copa America since he’s playing for them in the Olympics, but he has been spending time with Justin. Those two circumstances add up to one “Sorry” singer joining an all-star athlete in the stands at the game.

Justin went unnoticed in the crowd for a large portion of the match, but his selfie game with Neymar and Lewis Hamilton was too strong to avoid drawing a crowd. Cameras closed in on the group as they focused their attention to their phones, and even the game announcers had something to say about it.

See the photos and video below.

(Photo credit: JBCrewdotcom Twitter account and Justin Bieber Instagram account)

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