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Country Fans Refuse To Make Lemonade Out Of Beyoncé’s Country Music Awards Performance

Country music fans refuse to make lemonade out of beyonce's country music awards performance tweet featureBeyoncé had a surprise performance slot at the Country Music Awards on Wednesday night. Predictably, the choice sparked a lot of conversation on social media. Country music fans were surprised by the decision from the CMAs, especially after it was revealed that the Dixie Chicks would be joining Beyoncé for a performance of “Daddy Lessons.”

Many considered it a failure by the CMAs to include Beyoncé in the event. Some were especially upset that the performance at the 50th anniversary show wasn’t reserved for someone with more history in the genre. Others were very careful to make it clear that they didn’t have a problem with Beyoncé, but thought that Carrie Underwood was a better fit.

Tomi Lahren, the divisive conservative political commentator, tweeted a reminder to Beyoncé that many country fans “#BacktheBadge” and “#BacktheBlue,” two pro-police sentiments apparently intended to counter what Tomi considers Beyoncé’s anti-police stance. Her tweet spawned several conversations about the place of liberal politics in country music, the racial origins of the genre and whether or not the BET Awards would welcome a country star to open the show.

Check out some angry tweets about Beyoncé’s performance below, plus a video from someone who claims to have “exposed” her Illuminati ties.

(Photo credits: Beyoncé Instagram account)

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Taylor Swift Returns to Country Music After Turning Her Back On The Genre

taylor swift really wants to get back into country music featureWith Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga and even Beyoncé all making country crossovers, it’s no surprise that Taylor Swift is trying to make her way back to her career’s Nashville roots. She seized a big chance to make an impact at Wednesday night’s Country Music Awards. She made an appearance at the CMAs to present the Entertainer of the Year award.

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